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    LR6.8 has a memory leak


      I've seen this issue mentioned by others in this forum without a solution as well as elsewhere on the web. I haven't attached a debugger or tried running something like valgrind, but I just left LR idle for a few hours and came back to find my 32GB machine 100% memory with 100% disk due to paging with Lightroom being the culprit.


      If I open up System Info from the Preferences->Performance->Camera RAW section, I can watch the "Real memory used by Lightroom" increasing continuously while LR is idle.




      Just upgraded to standalone 6.8. Was previously using LR4 with no problems, but needed new camera RAW support.


      I built this machine myself and it has been rock solid and a great performer for 2 years. I use it for software development running linux in a virtual machine to do heavy multi-core compilation and to run compute intensive multi-threaded/multi-core applications for IC design. Never a problem.


      OS: Win7 Pro

      CPU: Quad core i5-3570

      MB: Asus p8z77-v pro

      Disk: 8TB configured as a 3T RAID5 array, 4T standalone and 256G SSD

      Memory: 16GB just upgraded to 32GB.


      Anyone else?

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          trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Makers sure all background operations are paused:

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            Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            The engineering team is aware of a problem with Windows when the application has been open for an extended period, and is investigating.

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              trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm also running Windows 7 with LR CC2015.8 and have never seen LR use more than 8GB of memory. However, I do see what appears to be a memory leak when editing a large number of images, but again LR’s memory usage never exceeds 8GB. I have my system set to go into standby mode after 15 min. and use LR all day long (~12 hours). Every night I shut down the system and reboot in the morning as standard procedure.


              I ran a test over the past two hours with standby mode turned off (high-performance mode) and left LR idle in the Library module:


              LR MEMORY USAGE

              Start: 492 MB

              After 60 min.: 889 MB

              After 120 min. 892 MB


              A possible cause of what you are experiencing may be due to incomplete file removal of the previous version (LR 4) during the LR 6 upgrade. I’ve upgraded every version of LR incrementally (LR 1>2>3>4>5>CC2015) and did experience an issue during the LR 4>5 upgrade that I was fixed by deleting the Preferences file and letting LR create a new “default settings” Preferences file.


              You upgraded from LR 4 directly to 6, which may be why you have the memory leak and I don’t. If that’s the cause then the advice at the below link may be a possible solution:




              Use with caution and only if you are comfortable and experienced with Windows Registry editing. The above procedure requires reinstalling ALL Adobe applications currently on your system. Make sure you have copies of the install files and all serial numbers before starting.

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                Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi brians,


                Please update the Lightroom to 6.9./2015.9 version which includes the fix for Lightroom 6.8: Memory Leak | Photoshop Family Customer Community


                refer:Lightroom CC 2015.9 now available




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