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    My pictures become wonky when I go to Develop tab


      I'm new to Light Room so forgive me if this is a "duh" kind of question.


      I imported a recent folder filled with JPEG images from my D7100 (I like convenience so I forgo RAW shooting).


      In the Library tab all of my images look as I expect them to, but when I choose one to touch up and go over to Develop, LR suddenly springs some kind of post-processing over the entire image, adding contrast to where I don't want it to and making all of the darker areas into a watercolor-esque pattern.


      I've read other threads saying that Adobe strips all processing from RAW files and shows what the sensor saw when you do to Develop, but I'm not using RAW files. The program is taking my JPEGs and adding a layer or...something...on top and I can't figure out how to stop it from happening.


      Any advice or help would be much appreciated.