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    RAW+JPG management


      Hi guys,


      I'm struggling to find an easy way to dealing with RAW+JPG files.

      My workflow is the following:

      1. Shoot RAW+JPG. Insert SD card in PC. PC automatically opens Lightroom.
      2. Import photos (RAW+JPG).
      3. Make selection of which are to be kept (stars or flag) and those that are to be removed. Delete all those photos previously selected to be removed.
      4. Edit/correct the kept/elected photos. I use JPGs instead of RAW files because I usually only do minor corrections. In some cases, I go to the RAW because I need to do a more extensive work.

      My issue is that I don't know an easy way to handle step 4. If I choose to import RAW and JPG files as seperate files, I end up with a mess of duplicated photos (raw + jpg), which is pretty unmanageable for me. If I choose just to see the raw, I lose the JPG.

      Can you suggest an expedit way of switching between raw and jpg for my kind of workflow?

      In the end, I want to keep the adjusted JPG and also the RAW file (for future sake).


      Best regards,


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why not filter for jpegs when the import completes and create a working colection?


          Press the backslash key and the filter bar will appear at the top of the thumbnails grid. Select Text and type jpeg into the box next to “contains all”


          Press Ctrl+ (Cmd+A) to select all the jpegs and then click the + symbol on the Collections panel and create a named collection - check the box to include selected files.


          You can work in the jpeg collection to do your editing, going only to the folder if you need to locate a raw file.

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            ruicarv79 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply, but those are the kind of actions I'm trying to avoid. If I go out the JPG collection and go to the import folder, I still need to find the raw, which is pretty boring to manage. I'm trying to find an easy way (one or two clicks/actions) to switch between JPG and RAW but I cannot find it.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              But if you keep a single jpeg selected in the collection and switch to the folder, won't the raw be next to the jpeg?

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                ruicarv79 Level 1

                Dunno. I would have to try it. If it does, that could be a good workaround...