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    Building iOS App wrapped for Microsoft MAM (InTune)

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      My employers are considering using the corporate InTune setup to roll out an appwe have built with Phonegap to Windows phone, iOS and Android using Mobile Application Management (MAM).



      As a result I have been testing wrapping the Android version using the Microsoft Intune App SDK Cordova Plugin (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/intune/develop/intune-app-sdk-cordova). I been able to build the apk and it creates a wrapped app I can then distribute to a test device using a trial version of InTune I have set up.



      I now want to do the same for iOS. So far,as a Windows PC user, I have only been able to build an iOS app online, using PhoneGap Build (having uploaded an Apple Dev certificate).



      Does PhoneGap build online allow me to use the plugin to create a wrapped version of the iOS app or do I have to do this all in the cli version on an actual Apple Mac (I do have access to one).



      If the latter, I assume I just install PhoneGap on the Mac and go from there?