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    CFSpreadsheet and date delimiter character

    soltiger Level 1

      I have a spreadsheet with date columns in dd.mm.yyyy format. This is set without asterisk in Excel so that the format will not respond to regional settings.


      When I output the spreadsheet query on my local computer, everything works fine, I get the dates in "dd.mm.yyyy" format like I should.  But when I upload the same code to the server and output the spreadsheet query, the date gets outputted in "dd\.mm\.yyyy" format. So instead of dots, I get backslash dots as a separator.


      Any ideas what might be causing this?


      The main differences between my local computer and server are OS (Windows 8.1 vs. Windows Server 2008), CF Version (11 vs 10), Java version (1.7.0_55 vs. jre1.8.0_45), to list some. Instead of version difference, this might be some java argument, coldfusion setting or os setting issue as well, but I'm not sure where to even start looking.