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    Who or what reviews photos?

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      Is it human beings that review the photos submitted or does Adobe just use algorithms? I ask as some of the reasons I've been getting for photos being rejected are nonsensical.

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          jacquelingphoto2017 Adobe Community Professional

          To my understanding, It is human that review the photos. These are persons with trained eyes, and are very experienced at photo reviewing, hence will see what the average person won't. The rejection message sent to you is general. Seem to be preset to give you a general idea of why your photo is rejected. General notice is sent out since it would be too time consuming to send specific information of each and every rejected photo. There is a general guideline however that you can use to do your own review. With practice you will also become adept at reviewing as well as they do. Practice on the ones the reviewers reject. Look for what they say is the issue. That will help to train your eyes. This is what you need to do.  Before uploading an image, zoom the image to 100% and inspect it carefully for grains, noise, and sharpness. Noise are easier viewed in the darker areas of the images. Look in the smooth areas for grains. Your photos should be looking vibrant. Even though a little post-processing is allowed be careful to avoid excessive processing. This can take away the natural appearance from your images and/or introduce noise. It is also important that you know your camera. Read the manual and know how to use it effectively. Using relevant camera setting for each of your images determines the look of the final product. Also be involved with your subject while taking picture; focus, and never be on a hurry. Lighting is very important. You will find more useful information from this link Do's and don'ts for selecting and editing photos for Adobe Stock . Make sure to submit releases when necessary. Glean as much as you can from tagproducts_SG_STOCK-CONTRIBUTOR_i18nKeyHelppagetitle  . As you go through, take note of the appearance of the photos. tagproducts_SG_STOCK-CONTRIBUTOR_i18nKeyHelppagetitle    is also useful. For technical issues, sometimes its how you crop the photo while taking it. For example, it is preferred that space is left around the subject to facilitate cropping, You can read on why photos are rejected at Reasons content is rejected at Adobe Stock .


          I hope this answers your question. Good lock.

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