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    Unable to create window

    Sudha K Level 1



           I have created window for a process and it was working fine.  Recently  getting error in one machine (Mac 10.9.5). I don't know the reason for the error.  Script is not running.  Dialog is not created.  But its working in other machine.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 20.57.37.png


      If i click the "OK" button, then i get the below error.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 20.57.43.png



           var myDlg = new Window('dialog', 'Dialog Title');

           roundTypePanel = myDlg.add('panel', undefined, "Round ");

           roundTypePanel.orientation = 'row';

           var rad1 = roundTypePanel.add('radiobutton', [156,75,325,105], "Round 1");

           var rad2 = roundTypePanel.add('radiobutton', [156,75,325,105], "Round 2");

           rad1.value = true;

           roundType = 1;







      Can anyone help me??


      - Sudha K