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    Keyword peculiarities and questions


      I've got about 120K photos cataloged in LR CC 2015 and a pretty extensive hierarchy of keywords to index them.


      The keyword list doesn't display the count of images within any higher-level grouping - only the counts for the "leaves" of the hierarchy tree.  For example I have this (subset) of keywords (from the exported "Lightroom Keywords.txt" file):



         [Insects and Arachnids]


                 {Dragonflies and Damselflies}





                         Emerald Spreadwing

                             {Lestes dryas}

                         Lyre-tipped Spreadwing

                             {Lestes unguiculatus}

                     Unidentified Damselfly


      1) In the Keyword list, only the unbracketed "leaf" entries above have associated counts.  Is it possible to get a count of (for example) all Spreadwings without manually adding up the numbers for each species?


      2) In the above subset, why are "Fauna" and "Spreadwings" bracketed while "Odonata" and "Zygoptera" are not?


      3) I added "Damselfly" as a "leaf" keyword long ago thinking this might be useful; but after reorganizing things recently it's no longer needed, so to clean things up I selected all images with this keyword (clicked on the arrow to its right in the keyword lies) and unchecked that keyword.  However the list still shows a count of 404 images with this keyword, even though clicking on that arrow returns "No photos match the filter."  Likewise the keywork "Unidentified Damselfly" shoes a count of 183 images, yet when I search my entire library for the text 'Keywords' 'Contains All' "Damselfly", LR finds only 16 images having the keyword "Unidentified Damselfly".  I've exported and examined my keyword list, and the word "Damselfly" only appears in these two entries.  What's going on here?


      4) Is there an easy way to bring up the list of all keywords associated with a single image other than searching through the keyword list to see what's checked?  The full list currently has about 1600 keywords including groups and aliases - only 600 "leaf" entries - so searching the list gets pretty old pretty fast...