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    Import not completing


      I am not able to import from one of my SD cards into lightroom CC.  I get an error screen that says

      "The following files were not imported because they can not be read or the destination folder is not writeable"


      The events that took place leading up to this were

      -I successfully imported a group of pictures from the card

      -Started to import another group of pictures from the same card and it became hung up, wouldn't complete for whatever reason.  I stopped the process and removed the card. 

      -I started the process over again.

      -I have been able to import the images into apple photos so I know the card is good

      -I have reinstalled Lightroom and continue to have the trouble


      I would appreciate any help, I am new to Lightroom moving over from Aperture.  I have a reasonably strong computer ability but this has me stumped