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      Im going mental. Can please someone help me. Im trying to dynamically create a series on my line chart with the code below. All works absolutely fine apart from when I try to add ls.form = "segment" I get a 1119 Error

      Access of possibly undefined property.

      Am I missing something stupid here or is there something wrong with me flex, as I've clearly statically created a lineseries and given it a form = "segment"

      It doesnt come up in the code helping function, so I type ls. and form is not present in the list.


      public function addSeries2007():void
      //Get the 2007 Data

      //Add a new series to the country graph
      var ls:LineSeries = new LineSeries();

      ls.displayName = "2007";
      ls.yField = 'salesvalue';
      ls.xField = 'month';
      ls.form = "segment"

      ls.dataProvider = MonthSalesValue2007;
      ls.width = 5;

      summarychart.series = summarychart.series;

      dataGrid2007.dataProvider = MonthSalesValue2008;