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    Keep a spread together, but vary its position


      Hey, there, Adobe community!


      I'm working on a collection of an author's poetry, and I've come across a rather curious problem: This author has a pair of sonnets that I would like to keep facing each other on the same spread. The problem is, this book is a work in progress (though the deadline approaches!), so pages may get added in or taken out any number of times before it goes to press.


      I have turned off "Allow selected Spread to Shuffle" for only the affected poems, so now these pages are always opposite. But there is a problem: If the number of pages before this spread changes by an odd number, I'm left with something like this:


      [Page 102] | [Empty space]

      [Page 103] | [Page 104] <--The Spread I wanted kept together

      [Page 105] | [Page 106] (etc...)


      The problem is that empty page after 102. First of all, because I don't want dead space in my book. Second, it throws off the page numbers (I want all rectos to be odd numbers, and all versos even).


      Here's the thing: I can be a little flexible about the order of the poems here (all the poems in this section are one page long). For example, here's the basic setup


      [Poem A] | [Poem B]

      [Poem C] | [Poem D] <-- The poems I want to keep together

      [Poem E] | [Poem F]


      Here are my "terms of engagement:" C and D must be kept together, and they must appear after A. Within those parameters, I can fudge the order.


      And here's my question:


      Is there any way that, if I have an odd-numbered change, I can have the project do something like this:


      [Poem X] | [Poem A] <-- Let's say "X" is the new page I added, which has to appear before A.

      [Poem C] | [Poem D] <-- The poems I want to keep together

      [Poem B] | [Poem E] (etc...) <--B has now moved to after D, but still before E. F and so on proceed as normal from there, and present no problems.


      Is there any way to do that automatically, or will I just have to move Poem B manually before I go to press?


      Thank you for your time and attention.