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    My subscription does not activate the functionality on my mobile device. Need help SOS.


      I use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on my MacBook.

      In the "Home" menu, under the "Do More with Acrobat DC," I tried to complete the check for the "Get the Acrobat Reader Mobile App."
      It states that "Your subscription unlocks all mobile functionality."

      As you can see in the prompt right on top of the entry box for your phone number.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.15.39.png


      So I put in my phone number, get the SMS, and install the app. It states again telling me to sign in to access "premium features" and "work with PDFs on the go."


      However after signing in with my Adobe ID, most of the functionality is NOT unlocked and I have no access to any premium features and CANNOT work with PDFs on the go.



      Is this false advertising? Am I doing something wrong? I tried to contact support but all they said was to look on the forums.....there is no other post I found to answer my question. Please help! I use Acrobat a lot on my Mac and it would be great to get those same features to work on my phone on the go. Thanks, Roy.