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    animate bitmap image cartoon

    fatie6721338 Level 1

      Hello ,

      I made a hand drawn cartoon on paper and scannend this on my computer.

      I want to use this cartoon to animate in adobe flash. Does anyone know how to do this?

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          Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional


          But you're going to be limited in what you can do with a bitmap image. Still there a few options.

          1.) You can go up to Modify>Bitmap>Trace Bitmap and convert it to vector and then cut it up with the Lasso tool to move it around.
          2.) You can simply hit Control-B or CMD B (mac) to break the art and lasso areas you want to separate.

          3.) You can trace the art and convert it to vectors (which is honestly the best option)

          4.) If all you want to do is simply resize it or move it across the screen you can use the Classic tween or Motion Tween for this by selecting your frame frame, then hitting F6 and click dragging on that time line, then right clicking on it and selecting Classic or Motion Tween. The two black dots are your keyframes. If you select one, move the art you'll see it will slide from one keyframe's position to another. I hope this helps!

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            _keyframer Adobe Community Professional

            Can't add more than what Asymetrical already did but you could also bring your image into Photoshop and separate all your limbs on to different layers making sure to overdraw the area that overlap. Make sure you have transparent background and then save your PSD.


            From here you can open Animate, start a new document and import your layered PSD file. Animate will retain all layers. From there I'd convert every image on each layer to its own Graphic symbol and then use the Free Transform tool to edit the center point of each symbol instance so they "hinge" appropriately.


            Use keyframes and/or tweeting to create movement.

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