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    Quicker way to extra pages from a bulk pdf and attach to email

    No1UCFfan97 Level 1

      So here is the situation. I have 2 bulk PDF's of 90+ pages that I need to separate each page out, and email to staff members. Obviously I could open the batch file, extract each individual page, click on the email button, and then author the email and send it out. Obviously with 180+ pages this is a time consuming process. Is there a way using Acrobat Pro or a third party software that I can quickly extra the pages to my email program with out having to extra the page, then send to my email program? Every file has the persons name in it, if that helps any. Any help would be appreciated.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This kind of task requires a custom-made script. But if the pages don't have the actual email address on them, then how is the script supposed to know where to send the pages to? It would only be possible if you had a spreadsheet of all the names and their corresponding email addresses. In addition, the page swill have to be consistent enough that the script will be able to identify the recipient's name on them. Otherwise it could generate a blank email with the page attached to it, and you'll need to fill in the target email address manually.

          If you're interested in hiring someone to develop such a script for you I'm happy to have a look at some sample pages and let you know if I think it's doable or not. You can contact me privately at try6767 at gmail.com.