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    How to compile and excecute a downloaded flex project

      I've a problem during the compile of downloaded flex projects

      (with Flex Development)

      I copy the project folder in Flex Builder 3 folder

      Now.... File -> Import -> Flex Project
      I Import the project in Flex Dev

      I execute the debug ... or I execute the project

      "Run Main" -> can't find bin-debug/main.html
      "Debug Main" -> can't find bin-debug/main.html

      I've tried with
      Project -> "Export Release Build" -> Can't find /Dashboard/libs folder
      ... I've tried to create the Libs folder
      and I see:

      Encountered errors or warnings while building project main.mxml.
      main.mxml: Cannot create HTML wrapper. Right-click here to recreate folder html-template.

      How Can I compile (and view) the project