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    unable to receive notification on my android device


      Hi All, I need your help please


      I'm using PhoneGap Build (cli 6.4) + phonegap-plugin-push 1.9.2.


      1. My app compile and install correctly on my device
      2. it registers to Firebase and get a RegisterID correctly
      3. From Firebase console I can send a notification message to my device using my RegisterID
      4. From Firebase console "message sent correctly"
      5. ...but... on my device I don't get any notification in foreground and background mode


      What can I do?


      Best Regards, Giorgio



      PS. this is my notification javascript:


      push.on('notification', function(data) {  

           localStorage.setItem('msg', data.message); 


                  data.message,         // message

                  null,                 // callback

                  data.title,           // title

                  'Ok'                  // buttonName