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    LR6 Stand Alone - Mac Version


      My LR6 would not launch for some reason.  I was on chat to support for over 3 hours.  I installed a new copy, however, the install stopped at 99%  with the Adobe Applications Manager nor responding.  The support rep told me to kill the app, and try launching LR.  It did launch, however, version 6.0, I mentioned that, and they told me to go through the update process to get to the current version.


      Well, the update process doesn't work.  It doesn't do anything.  No errors, no response.  Tried rebooting, NG.


      Any thoughts how to fix this?


      I need to get back to the most current version, and, I would rather not spend three more hours waiting for support.

      Thanks in advance,




      System: iMac, most current SW operating system updates, all other programs work fine.


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