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    trying to get rollover to work in animate CC

    Tiemen Van Gucht Level 1



      I'm currently in the final phase of my website. I only need one more button.

      I am used to AS and used to script like this:



      I'm trying to just make a button of a sketchbook that's closed until frame 80. Frame 1 has a stop() script on it

      and when I try to script the invisible hitbox behind the sketchbook the drawing doesn't appear when I test it. I have tried nearly all the tutorials I can find about scripting something.

      I have tried AS on the invisible hitbox as a movie clip, a button or a symbol. I have tried scripting it in the timeline with the listen script. all of those options show a blanc page in my browsers when I hit test. without it the animation stops at the stop() frame. Only when I used a different script (I don't recall which one) it ignored the stops and kept looping.


      It should not be this hard to just put a movie clip in your mouseover, hell I'd even like the option to add frames in the over state. Would make my life easier atleast.


      The sketchbook should be closed and only open on mouseover and three links should float out. they should also be clickable. I have the animation spread over 6 frames, I drew them frame by frame in photoshop. 6 frames and 6 images.

      I know this to be a piece of cake in flash CS2 and 3, I am left clueless in the CC version. The information provided when I use those snippets is insufficient. I have the dutch version for some reason.


      Also, I drew the sketchbook in Photoshop, because I like how the pencils work there. When I create a new AS document in Animate I cannot use images. I only need the mouse over to go to and play frame 80 and stop at 95.


      Must be publishable to a format usable in Muse, as the entire website is nearing the final state. I have made animations for my website in Animate and they work, just this stupid button doesn't. Sorry for rambling but these few lines of code have got me stalled for 8 hours now. Can't get my mind off it.



      Kind regards