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    Exporting a fillable PDF form to word - but lose the text from the textboxes


      Adobe Pro X


      Hi all, We have a fillable PDF form with scrollable text boxes. Users often write a lot in the text boxes so scroll all the way down. We want to convert the completed forms to word but when doing so, none of the text in the text boxes makes it across to the word doc.


      Q1: How to print so that we have a hard-copy version of the completed form that shows all the text in the text box? Our work-around answer is to convert the form to word and paste in the form fields (its a long form so not ideal) but this may be a silly way of doing it.


      Q2: Is there a setting that allows  the responses in the the text boxes to carry over into the word version?


      How do other people achieve this??


      Thank you in advance for any advice.