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    Does anyone know how to automatically include an iOS app extension .appex file when build with Flash Builder?


      i've created an iOS app extension (not ANE) as described here (App Extension Programming Guide: App Extensions Increase Your Impact) with xCode. xCode generated an .appex extension file, then I use my Flex project as the real container to include that extension, since it has to be placed in the PluginIns folder, but when build the official release with FB I need to manually create the PluginIns folder in the bin-debug folder and copy the .appex file into it. Further, when doing release build, FB won't copy that folder neither and every time when rebuild the bin-release-temp folder will be removed if I forget checking the "keep temp release folder" checkbox. So, is there a way which FB can automatically copy the PlugIns folder to its place so that I don't have to manually create it?