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    Does anyone know how to automatically include an iOS app extension .appex file when build with Flash Builder?

    fengd9946600 Level 1

      i've created an iOS app extension (not ANE) as described here (App Extension Programming Guide: App Extensions Increase Your Impact) with xCode. xCode generated an .appex extension file, then I use my Flex project as the real container to include that extension, since it has to be placed in the PluginIns folder, but when build the official release with FB I need to manually create the PluginIns folder in the bin-debug folder and copy the .appex file into it. Further, when doing release build, FB won't copy that folder neither and every time when rebuild the bin-release-temp folder will be removed if I forget checking the "keep temp release folder" checkbox. So, is there a way which FB can automatically copy the PlugIns folder to its place so that I don't have to manually create it?