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    No “Command C” in InDesign CC 2017

    KCH LTD Level 1

      Since upgrading to CC 2017 last week, the keystroke to copy selected items — Command C — no longer works in InDesign. I must navigate to the dropdown "Edit" menu and copy selected items manually, but the keystroke shortcut does not work.


      This problem is unique to InDesign CC 2017; I can still copy using Command C in all of the other CC 2017 apps that I use regularly. Notably, I can duplicate, paste, etc. with keystroke shortcuts in InDesign, but not copy.


      I have tried relaunching the app, rebuilding my application and system font caches in FontExplorer X Pro, and rebooting my computer in both regular and safe modes. Nothing works.


      Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks …


      Mac Pro  2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon | OS 10.11.06 | 20 GB Ram