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    Linking to an Excel table populated by another Excel workbook


      I am working on a project that involves extracting data from a database into Excel tables. The problem is that the Excel tables are poorly formatted by the software used so we created another Excel file with nicely formatted tables which is populated by linking to the other Excel file. Each time the data is extract the new Excel is populated. The tools are old and not going to be replaced anytime soon.


      I setup Indesign CS6 to handle linking to Excel but when I placed the new Excel, the table was blank, empty rows and columns.


      I'm guessing that since the new Excel is linked to the old Excel, isn't populated unless it is opened (you can see data when this is done) so I am importing a empty table.


      Is there a way to get the data into InDesign in order to produce the reports I need?


      Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.