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    Different photo appearing in Develop Module than in Library


      This is crazy.  When I click on a photo in  the library of any file in LR Catalog, it displays the correct photo.  When I click on the

      Develop module, the photo changes to one of the photo's that I deleted from an editing session a few days ago.  To try to remedy this rather HUGE glitch, I shut LR down and brought it back up without success.  I then shut the computer down and brought it up without success.  Has anybody had this happen.  Does anybody know how to fix it???

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I have just experienced something similar- (CC2015.8 Windows10)

          I imported JPG photos (from a USB stick) taken on an iPhone.

          One of these had a large glass window reflection- so I did an edit 'Original' in Photoshop and "Saved" the edited image.

          Lightroom Library updated the photo (as Ps edited) but when 'opened' in the Lr develop module Lr continued to show me the photo as it was out of camera- not the edited version.

          Likewise a phone panorama- had blank white area 'faults' in the camera photo. An 'Original' Edit-in Photoshop and some 'Content Aware Fill' corrected this. Saved the photo- Lr again continued to show the original with faults in Develop module.


          I really do not know how I finally corrected it, but I did use the Menu/Library/Previews to delete and re-build some previews.

          So the answer for the OP may be to delete the Previews folder  (named like...     xxxx Previews.LRDATA )

          Do NOT delete the .LRCAT file - that is your catalog!