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    puppet pin tool making image/asset broken or damaged

    arvyt62488061 Level 1

      hello, i want to ask
      when i using pin tool, and i scale the image, the pin tool make it broken
      like this one, i using pin tool, make the image make squishy movement
      but when i scale it (i make the image come out like.. hmm i not sure waht its called, maybe popout?)
      the scale was : enter > 0 >100%
      then out > 100>125>0%


      as you look on the image i post, pin tool make the asset damaged


      is there any method to fix it?


      thank you!


      edit : and yeah forgot to ask, why some image have smaller area than it should when i using pint tool to them, like this one
      (the area size only inside the yellow line)
      make it perforated when i try to make it squishy
      small area.png