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    Watermarks don't cover preview images sufficiently.


      I recently uploaded a small selection of vectors to Adobe Stock to see if it was something worth perusing. The sales aren't bad considering I only have a very small portfolio at the moment, but the thing that has discouraged me from uploading more is the way they watermark their images. Customers can download a free preview size image and it only has one modestly sized watermark in the middle. If your design is a border element or has empty space around the center it makes it very easy for people to remove the watermark and rip off your image. Other microstock agencies do a much better job of watermarking preview images. Here are some examples:


      Here is my image on Adobe Stock. As you can see it would be very easy to remove the watermark and use the image for free.



      Now, the same image on Shutterstock and iStock:




      So if the customer only needs a relatively small size image for online or email use, it is very easy for them to get it for free from Adobe Stock.