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    Reader DC Freezes after digitally signing (certificate) and saving as.




      I'm trying to digitally sign a PDF with a certificate.

      I can select the range where to put the signature, then it asks me to save as.

      But then the program freezes.

      The signed document is created in the directory though, but I need to close the frozen window and open the created one to continue.


      This is a new laptop, so the system requirements are met.

      I've tried this with another computer with the same certificate and all goes well.

      But none of the users on this computer can sign the document. (including administrators)

      I've already contacted GlobalSign, but there is nothing wrong with the certificate.

      I reinstalled Adobe Reader DC, I even tried it with Reader XI. With the latter I couldn't get to the signing part, it was disabled.

      There's also nothing wrong with the PDF document. I tried it with a blank DOCX that I saved as PDF.

      I tried renaming the Security and Preferences folders in AppData -> same problem.

      I even disabled all plugins manually (one for one)


      Does anybody have a clue on this?


      Kind regards,


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          Adorobat Adobe Employee



          Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.


          Could you please try installing update for Acrobat Reader and see if that works?

          Launch Reader>click Help>select Check for Updates.


          Also, try to create a new Digital ID in Reader and try signing pdf using that ID, does that work?

          You may refer to the steps given in the following link on how to create a Digital ID:

          Digital IDs in Acrobat DC


          Please confirm Acrobat Reader version and the Operating System installed on the machine.

          To check the version, click About Adobe Acrobat Reader DC under Help menu.


          Keep us posted with the results.