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    Animate CC looks blurry in Windows 10 64bit.

    wimhof Level 1

      Impossible to work with.


      I have a new Windows 10 64 bit laptop with high dpi screen.


      All other CC apps dont have this blurry mess of an interface. Just Animate CC.


      My windows screen is 150%. Apps like Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects look perfect on my screen.


      But Animate CC is blurry. Looking for a fix. Not a fix like change your whole Windows resolution - I am not changing my complete Windows look to something that makes everything look bad except for Animate. No, Animate has to change, not my OS.


      I have attached screenshots of the splash screens of After Effects and Animate so you can see the difference.





      And this blurry interface is all throughout Animate, which is unacceptable for a program like this. Unable to work with it.