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    Free Puppet!!!

    Q4T Level 1

      Free Puppet.zip - Google Drive


      I've just finished making my first ever puppet, and I'd like to set it free on the world. So as from right now, it is officially public domain.


      You don't have to give me credit, or notify me (though if you feel so inclined, it's Jon Chambers and @q4tproductions on twitter). Feel free to share it onward again, use it in tutorials, make money from it, tell people you made it, or whatever. I don't care, nor do I require any royalties.


      This is my first ever puppet, so be gentle when critiquing it, because I hardly knew how to use Adobe Illustrator at all before I started this project, and I certainly didn't know what Character Animator was.


      So what's in it for me? Several things:
      -Warm fuzzies knowing my first digital child is making it out in the world on his own.
      -Given that it's modelled on me, it would be cool to see all the zany adventures I get up to out in fictional worlds on the internet.
      -I'm unemployed right now, so it would be awesome if it could not only be in my portfolio, but if I'd need to carry the original reference photos as proof that yes I created it, and yes, it actually is me. (Let's face it, other people's work is so much cooler if the first time you see it, you don't believe they really did it.)
      -People tend to give much more detailed feedback on what worked well and what didn't if it's work I'm doing for them rather than work I'm doing for myself. So, it's yours now. How did I do?


      If anyone can officially list it as an Adobe Asset, that would be a badge of honour I would wear with pride, and will look awesome on my resume, even if not my bank balance.