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    Can't play anything in AE without app crashing


      Regardless of how complex my composition is, anytime I try to playback anything in AE I get a pinwheel and the composition plays back over and over and over. The spacebar doesn't stop it and I can't click anything in the app anymore. The only way out of it is to Force Quit the app and reopen the project file.


      Mac Pro

      macOS 10.12.2

      2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5

      64GB 1866 MHz DDR3 RAM

      AMD FirePro D700 6144MB * 2

      RAM reserved for other applications is 6 GB, putting ram available for AE at 58GB.


      My computer should be able to handle playing back in real time a simple text layer keyframed on top of a 4-second 1080 ProRes clip. Instead it drags to a crawl at 10-14fps and won't let me hit stop.


      The app worked fine until the 2017 release. Now I can only use AE by scrubbing through the timeline. I can't play. I can't hit play. This is really dumb.