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    Sort order of photosc


      When I shoot a hockey game I use 2 cameras.

      If the action is at the far end I use one camera and lens and as it gets closer I switch to another camera with a  shorter lens

      When I get home I load the 2 memory cards into one folder and import into Lightroom

      When I'm done editing I export them to a folder on my desktop

      Is there a way I can have these sorted by time taken as the order is important

      Just before I export I now go into the filmstrip and drag the opening faceoff to the first of the filmstrip and the scoreboard showing the final score is the last photo

      Then when I open my file on my desktop  the scoreboard photo is not the last photo to be viewed in the folder

      Ex: I could be shooting a rush from the far end coming towards me using one setup

      Then I switch to my other camera and lens and shoot the action in front of me

      Then another rush from the far end  using the long lens and other camera etc etc

      When I get the photos uploaded into LR the order is the 6 photos from the first rush, followed by 10 pics from the 2nd rush and then the photos of when the action is directly in front of me

      Once they hit the folder using Windows 10 I can't arrange them, preference would be having LR do my sort.