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    Subject (meta) data not transferring to registered keywords


      This is not completely my cup of T so I hope I can explain this well enough for others to understand.


      What happened:

      I stored all face recognition data, created in Picasa, destructively on the photos (so its part of the metadata of the photos). Next I imported all the photos into Lightroom and turned on 'face recognition'. Two things happened:

      1. To my happy surprise Lightroom identified the recognized faces correctly e.g. Jim and Carry on one picture were identified (with the face square) as 'Jim' and 'Carry'.

      2. The keywords 'Jim' and 'Carry' were created.


      so far so good.


      What did NOT happen is that the link between the meta data and the keyword was created. So after Lr was finished scanning for faces I had e.g. 55 photos with 'Jim' on it. If I selected all photos in 'face' view I correctly got a picture of the face of Jim with a small '55' indicator.

      However in the keywords it said "Jim: 0". Same for all the others.


      One solution to create the link is to select Jim, press shift+O (edit name) and hit enter. This way the metadata is rewritten and now it *does* registers 55 photos in the keywords section.


      However... I have 300+ names, spread over 15000 photos, with a total of 12000 recognized faces. Hence every 'shift+O' and 'enter' takes about 20 seconds to process and If I click on the next face too soon, stuff goes haywire (e.g. loupe opens, have to close it, or all of a sudden the name of the face is changed in 'O', etc.).


      Hence my question is: how do I properly and easily create the (proper) link between the metadata and the keywords?