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    Using keylight to remove green screen background for multiple photos


      Hi. I have a series of photos with green screen background. These are jpeg files exported from lightroom (original files were raw). Is there a way to apply the keylight filter to all of them at once? I am a newbie and what I am understanding so far is that the steps in after effects are to start a new composition, import the jpeg files and drag and drop them at the dialog box at the bottom window, then open the keylight filter and use the eye dropper to pick up the green color. The problem is that I have to do this last step to each jpeg file seperately and I still havent figured a way for the color selection and filter to make it apply to all the jpeg files, a feat that would save me lots of time.

      I have also another question. I want to immediately export the results of the filter applied to the total of images as individual image files for each image. The only way I have managed to export the results is to save composition frames as photoshop layers in one photoshop file. Is there an alternative?