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    Select and mask *********


      <Moderator comment: If you wish to make a comment George then you need to dispense with the obscenities and act like a grown up. If you post again using civil language you will not be censored but otherwise please rant elsewhere.>

      Terri Stevens

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Haven’t seen the original post, but I assume Terri Stevens’ judgement was appropriate.


          What is the problem?

          Please consider that talking about editing specific images without showing them can make it hard or impossible for others to provide pertinent advice.

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            georgej43021417 Level 1

            Based on what I have seen thus far with the select and mask tool today, it doesn't matter at all what photo I have loaded.  The fact remains that when I try to make the mask, it is less accurate than before.  The refine edge is supposed to 'refine' where I use the brush but I find 'mask blotches' appearing on the opposite end of the photo.  I select the desired are, use the refine edge on hair in top right of photo but bottom left of photo suddenly adds areas to the mask?  I'm supposed to get 54 photos to my client by 5 or face a fine for non delivery.  This update has made making almost impossible to the point where I had to borrow a computer with an older photoshop version just so I can work.  With a feature like refine edge, being used as much as it does by professionals round the world, where was the fair warning from adobe that they would replace a valuable tool with an utterly useless tool??  I will be as obscene as I want as adobe have royally screwed up my relationship with my biggest customer by adding garbage to their software.


            <Glad you decided to repost George. >


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              terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Christoph ,

              I hate having to block a posting particularly when the OP has a problem that can probably be helped with, but in this case there were to many expletives aimed at the forum personel to allow for editing. I'm hoping George will recognise the error of his ways and give us a chance to help him by restating his problem in a less offensive way.

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                terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                As you appear to be on a deadline, do you know you can still use the old Refine Edge rather than Select and Mask? All you need to do is have a selection, go to the Select menu hold down shift and click on Select and Mask. The old Refine Edge dialog will then popup.

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                  gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  For the sake of getting work done, you can install and use the version that worked the way you wanted.


                  How to Install Previous Versions of Creative Cloud Apps

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                    davescm Adobe Community Professional


                    A couple of things.


                    No need to use old versions of Photoshop. To date, the legacy refine edge is still there. If you have a selection made then go to menu Select and hold down the shift key whilst clicking on Select and Mask the legacy version will open.



                    On the new select and mask I find refine edge works well provided you limit it to edges only. It does work differently to the old refine edge and I get the best results on hair if I work with a small brush - 10-20px dependant on the image size, set to 0% hardness and 1% spacing. At the same time I set Edge detection to 0px and Smart Radius off.




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                      gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Nice idea Dave and Terri. I haven't used Select and Mask in what seems like ages, but that does work.


                      How to get prior versions is not a total loss if you have a filter that has not been updated or need some feature no longer around.


                      Personally I keep an old version or two in case the newer one runs into a bug.



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                        c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                        I do not want to antagonise you, georgej43021417, but if one is on a tight deadline one should not update, upgrade or otherwise change anything that is working at that moment.

                        Adobe has given plenty of reasons for criticism over the years (and will likely continue to do so) but your point is not great in this case.

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                          georgej43021417 Level 1

                          Personally, I really don't care if people antagonize, belittle or insult me. I am fully aware of updates messing up my day which is why I disable all updates until I have a proper opportunity to review update changes and how it will affect my workflow. In this particular instance, I had an 'unknown' error syncing my iPad with iTunes. The new IT help came in to have a look at that issue. When I got back on the computer, windows updates had been enabled and run as well as adobe.  I promptly called the support company back and was told there was nobody available to assist me until tomorrow. In the mean time, I then found out that my workflow has been affected when I couldn't find the tools I rely on.


                          I had no idea I could use shortcuts to show hidden menu items. To those who pointed that out, thank you.


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                            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            When you have some time to explore the new Select & Mask features, check out Jesus Ramirez' tutorial (Photoshop Training Channel on YouTube).

                            How To Use The Select And Mask Workspace In Photoshop - YouTube




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                              terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                              For future reference George, most of the people you meet here are just experienced Photoshop end users not Adobe employees. Adobe people have 'Staff' under their picture or avatar. We always try to provide quick solutions here, but I think you will find that being friendly and polite helps anyone get an answer quicker. I'm glad you decided to post properly after cooling down and hopefully the answers you are receiving now will help get your work done on time and keep the client happy.