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    aom files & state buttons

    Tiemen Van Gucht Level 1



      I have made an animation in Animate. But the things I want to do with it are too complicated for me to do just now. I am currently satisfied with the animation as is.

      I don't want to have to put the hyperlink in the animate file as I like to keep it as Clean as possible for future change. I currently just need the animation to behave like a button. The animation is already on the mouse over state (scripted in animate) I only want to put a hyperlink on the nom file in Muse


      I am trying to do so with the state button.


      Here's the catch, the animation requires the mouse to rollover to start, if you put a transparant button over it, the rollover does not register. So I guess it has to be done with a state button, only the hyperlink does not react, also no change in cursor.

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          Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

          It's impossible. OAM file - this is not something like simple object or button. OAM - is a site inside your site located at iframe. Any links must be added only in Animate CC. From OAM can not make a simple button with a link to open in the same window. Only the link open in another window. Therefore, OAM is only suitable for advertising banners or for decoration without any links.

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            Tiemen Van Gucht Level 1

            So I've been working 2 days on a worthless button then. Is there any way to make a button animation frame by frame? This is important as the button is a book that opens in 5 frames on mouseover, links should float out of the book while it opens. For me it is currently too complicated to get the links floating out. I'm used to AS not java and the like.


            I really miss Fireworks for animated buttons. simply need 6 frames in the rollover state.

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              Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

              It can be fully done in the Animate CC using HTML5 Canvas + JavaScript programming. Or Flash format + actionscript programming. There is no alternative. There are other programs, but it is done in the same way.

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                Tiemen Van Gucht Level 1

                I've just published to show what I mean. it's the portfolio button. should not have taken me 2 day to make. Had issues with it loading in Muse.




                I'm new to HTML5 and Java, so I prefer to build my website in Muse. In time I'll pick up on how to make a decent website in Animate, like I used to in Flash. But oh, I am so bummed right now.

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                  Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

                  If you are not a programmer, you should completely reject this decision and come up with something simpler and more that can be done.

                  An example for that would you realize the absurdity.:

                  This is button code as it should be - a very simple, light and minimum.


                  This code of portfolio button. Huge code and two (1; 2.!!!!!) connected library. Incommensurable for a small button, is not it?


                  Thus, for that would light a lamp instead of a small generator, you built a nuclear power plant. Not to mention that that the voltage of the plant is too large for a simple, little light bulb and it will blow up.


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                    Tiemen Van Gucht Level 1

                    ha, yeah I like the reference. Very typical for me .


                    Noticed slow loading speed and an older computer does not find the webfonts and an old version of Firefox doesn't load any animation. Which is sad.


                    I also just noticed that the button doesn't load the webfoot I assigned to it. there's no point in arguing that this button is overkill, I still want the submenu to float out 3 items, I dislike the dropdown menus as they don't fit with the "corporate identity" (bad translation). I'll break my head over that, while trying to keep it simple.


                    For the time being I'll have to settle for a simple button and have the 3 links on the page instead of in the dropdown menu. After 5 years of not coding anything, except a simple action script a lot sure has changed. I'll get the hang of it again I'm sure


                    Publishing in this state was the right thing to do! try and error, takes me back to school.