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    Removing misspelled metadata suggestions




      I'm working on a large archiving project which utilizes Lightroom's IPTC editor to attach relevant information to photos. Every once in a while, I enter a typo and hit enter before catching it. Since I'm editing metadata on thousands of photos which will be uploaded to a database, I need accuracy and efficiency. I usually click the field I'm editing, enter the first few letters, and hit enter when LR suggests a previous entry. My issue is that I've entered erroneous information, which is suggested before the correct information. Is there a way to remove the suggestions I do not want?


      For example:

      Let's say I have a photographer named John Doe. When I first entered his name under "Creator" I misspelled it "John Dob". I later Corrected this, but Lightroom still suggests "John Dob" ahead of "John Doe" whenever I begin to type "John" into the Creator field.


      How do I wipe the typo from the suggestions Lightroom provides for Metadata entries?