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    Problems exporting a red image jpeg sRGB for facebook


      Hi there,

      I have huge problems exporting some pictures I shot in studio,  a red flash was the main light directed to the subject. Done the editing, my file is good and well exported both tiff and jpg. Once the file (.jpg) is uploaded on facebook, the image looks like if a super-low quality file 500px were oversized to 1000px: poor details, no sharp lines. Just a big "mess" think the right way to describe it is Jpeg artifacts. I've followed fb instructions about size and resolution ( 960px low res /  2048px hi res, 72dpi sRGB and less than 100k to avoid additional compression): nope. So I've tried different setup eg png8/png24/gif and tiff: nothing really happened, only .tiff files are slightly better, but still nothing acceptable ( on my test best tiff setup was both 960/2048px long, LZW compression, Image pyramid and Per channel). The same image in each extension without saturation (bw image) has no problem at all.. So, I did some research on google and ok, red colour images do have problems, I know, lossy compression is part of the problem.. facebook convert each image in upload so this is a problem too.. but, how can I solve this situation?? These images need to be uploaded on facebook and now, it is just impossible with this quality. Do any of you have any suggestion?

      Thank u