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    animate cc: Buttons for undo for tablet?


      I purchased a Thinkpad 2 in 1 Yoga with an integrated Wacom pen, mainly for my animations. So i can flip it and use it as a drawing tablet in animate cc.


      However, there is one pretty big problem, since i dont have a physical keyboard in tablet mode i cant use ctrl+z.

      It is my most used and most needed key combo while working in animate. Now i need to click on edit-undo, which is very time consuming the way i work. When creating a character i used ctrl-z dozens of times per minute... imagine going to edit undo each time, and you'll understand my frustration.

      The virtual keyboard takes even more time: bring it up, tap ctrl z, bring it down, continue.


      The perfect solution would be an undo button somewhere in one of the panels, the tools panel for example. That i can simply tap 1 time.

      If there is somehow an addon for this, please let me know. There must be a solution since I am not the only one who uses a laptop like this or a tablet to draw. Strangely searching for this wasnt succesful so i am asking here.