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    Capture Site Usage in Learning Record System

    rynotrain Level 1

      Hi Muse Heroes!

      My company is considering the use of Muse to build internal sites.  I typically use Adobe tools like captivate, photoshop, indesign and illustrator, but I've never used Muse and I'd be the primary user in the company.  Before we consider the tool I have a question of whether or not I can report usage to a public learning record site.  Just picture a site with a video, widget, blog, text, images, another video, an interaction (i.e quiz. etc).  As the user experiences the site, let's say they tap the video, they use the widget, they use the interactive elements.  Essentially I need to report to a 3rd party site what elements on the page the user experienced.  i guess my question is, can I build out the properties of click boxes and other interactive elements to provide information to the third party site?  Thanks for your help in advance.