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    Spot removal tool


      Just becoming familiar with using LR, I'm confused with the Spot Removal Tool as it doesn't appear as in the tutorial videos. When I select it what appears is two nested concentric circles resembling a gun sight target, not the circle with another attached as per the video. What am I not doing right as I wish to use the tool?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          The double circle indicate the amount of feathering.  Inner circle =100% Outer circle =0%


          When you click on a spot, the second circle appears and selects an area automatically to use for the Heal or Clone.


          You can drag the second "Source" circle to another location on the image for a better result.

          Or press forward slash [ / ] to auto select a new source. (repeat ad infinitum)


          If you have chosen the Healing Brush option to "Clone", then you will see the image in the "Source" circle replace the "Destination" circle-


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            WistowPryor Level 1

            Thank you for clarifying which I needed any way, but my main problem I realized was that I had hidden the indicator circles. Traps for new players!