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    Print comes out wrong size

    kentmcpherson Level 1

      So I cannot get an 8x10 to print correctly on my Epson 1900 printer. I have defined the Paper settings correctly. The print preview looks right. The rulers show it is 8x10. But when it prints, it comes out only as 5x7 on the 8x10 paper. I can't find what setting I'm missing. Any suggestions?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Do not select any installed Lr templates! Use your own paper size and orientation settings in the Printer Setup.

          Then Check the Lr Layout panel- Margins at minimum, Cell size at maximum. (& Page grid 1 row 1 column)


          Post screen-clips of Printer setup dialog and the Lr Layout panel, if you are still unsuccessful.

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            kentmcpherson Level 1

            Thanks.  I checked these and they were set correctly.  I tried a draft print on plain paper and it worked fine.  Printed a good one after that and it came out fine too.  Not sure but I think closing LR and going back in maybe cleared things up.  Anyway, thanks for the info!

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              I also have this issue. I have not found any reason why LR prints wrong size, because this happens randomly. I feel this is a bug and an annoying one, because LR templates of course should work correctly and I lose many papers because of this. If I define my own custom setup the I get the correct size.


              LR developers heads up!