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    Moving files


      I use Adobe reader in a class.  My document files (provided by the teacher) are read only and show on the screen as Local files.  When I need to edit a file I have to save a new copy which is then stored as a recent file.  My question is there anyway to move the edited file (now a recent file) back to the folder with the local files.  I am using Adobe reader on an old Toshiba android tablet.

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi zene57288964,



          Sorry for the delay in response. 


          Some OEMs mount external storages as read-only. To annotate on such files create a local copy of the file. However, the local file that is created under the private area of the app and is private to Acrobat app and no other app on the device can access this location.


          Also, if you want to share the file:

          • Long press the file in Acrobat file listing and select share.
          • open the file in Acrobat (from file listing) and then select share


          Let us know if that helps.


          -Tariq Dar