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    InDesign CC 2017 freezing (not crashing) when opening any file. No issues with same version on other machine.


      InDesign CC 2017 is freezing whenever I try to open any existing file on my home machine (Mac OS Sierra). Freezing happens immediately, before any progress bar.  Have tried troubleshooting with multiple options found on forums (recovery caches etc.), but no luck.  Tried an uninstall/reinstall but it hasn't solved the problem.


      I have same Indesign version installed on second (office) machine through Creative Cloud license, and it is having no issues — even when trying to open same variety of files as I am on my home machine. So I think I've eliminated a corrupted file or font as the culprit.


      It will let me open/start a new file — but not open up any existing file.


      All other CC apps are working fine.


      I do have Problem Report data that I can share, but this has been generated by me having to force quit the app, rather than a crash, so wasn't sure if this was relevant.


      Am stymied, and behind on a deadline (who isn't?).  Left the office to continue working from home for an all-nighter but I seem to be being punished for my choice.  Have had no problems to date with any of the CC apps.