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    Animated flash button


      I know this is a simple question because I've done this before but it's been awhile. I have created a button and the over keyframe is a movie clip which is a simple text scale in and out. I have tried to duplicate the button from the library but every change I make also affects the text of the original button. Help greatly appreciated.
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          This is Vinay. I am new to this forum. But you can do it this way.
          You can do one thing. First you copy the button in the library & give it a different name. And then you go inside that new button & go to that text layer. Refer those properties of text & take a text box in a new layer & type the new text you want & align it in the exact place. After that delete the old layer. And come out.
          You are done.


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            that's right - anytime you place a symbole on the stage it is referred to as a 'instance' of that particular symbol - and you can place as many 'instances' as you would like - however if you change any of them it will effect the 'orginal' symbol and all 'instances' of that symbol. kid is correct, you need to first duplicate the symbol in the Library make a whole 'new' symbol and then you can make the changes to it you would like.