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    Adobe Premiere Elements 15 won't open from Welcome Screen?


      So I got Adobe Premiere Elements for Christmas and it worked just fine when i got it but i haven't used it since because I didn't yet have material I wanted to edit. So today I tried to get onto it, and before I clicked on the Icon for it on my desktop I noticed it wasn't the Adobe Premiere Elements icon it was like a white box with a blue box inside of it and lines that I suspect is supposed to represent a picture and writing. So I clicked on it and the Welcome screen opened just fine and looked perfect, it was showing the usual slideshow of images above the three program options on the bottom (from left to right, photo editor, organizer, and video editor). When I clicked on video editor, it just kept showing on the video editor button that it was loading and loading  for about five minutes before I gave up. I continued to try and try, I even opened the program from the start menu instead of the desktop and even its designated folder and it was the same issue. I also tried to open a previous project and even that gave the same issue. I also tried going into This PC an right clicking properties on the hard drive and going into tools and scanning the drive for errors and nothing came up. I don't understand what else I can do to get this to work, what else can I do? Has anyone else ever had this issue, and how did you fix it? I appreciate any help I can get, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this and try to help.

      P.S. I have a Acer laptop if that helps, and the program and all of its features worked on the laptop when I first installed the program and tested it out.