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    Help please.. New floating document

    Estebannned Level 1

      I have downloaded the newest Photoshop CC 2017 and it does something weird whenever I try to create a new document.  If I have a couple of documents already opened and copy something within an image and create a new document to paste that image onto the document, for whatever reason that document doesn't appear in the front, but appears behind all the documents that have already been opened.  I have tried going into preferences, but nothing seems to fix this.  Can anyone troubleshoot this?  It gets a bit tedious when I have 10 documents opened and have to ctrl+tab all of them to get to my new document.  Here is a screenshot of what I



      I have 3 documents opened.  If I try and copy what's in the marquee(A) and create a new document to paste that in, the document opens behind the original that it was copied from(B).  Is there any way to keep that new document in the front?  You can only imagine how troublesome it can be if you had 20 documents and have to ctrl+tab just to get to the new document.  I hope I am making sense.  Thanks!

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Have you always worked with floating document windows?  Each to their own, but I prefer to consolidate to Tabs, but with the addition of using these custom keyboard shortcuts:

          This makes it easy to swap between tabbed and tiled views so I can drag between windows.  Although I have the shortcut to float the windows, I can't say that I ever use it.


          I did try various arrangements of the relevant Preferences options, but was unable to make a newly opened document appear behind existing floating documents.  Give other folk a chance to come up with an answer, but if none come, it might need a Preference reset.

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            Estebannned Level 1

            Thanks Trevor-really appreciate your feedback.  I've started to work with floating documents, but I do switch to full screen mode.  It's so strange and it's driving me crazy.  I'm not sure if pasting what I am coping on to a clipboard document is the reason why it always appears behind the previous floating documents.  I have tried resetting my preferences, as well as reinstalling to no avail.  It seems like anytime I open a new document in the standard mode while the documents are floating, the new document opens in the background behind all the pre-existing floating documents.  It seems ever since I upgraded I've been having issues left and right.  If you have any other thoughts on troubleshooting this, I would appreciate it-thanks!

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              Is this Windows 10?


              Can we nail down the workflow that leads to this behaviour?  It sounds like:


              You have several documents open all floated in windows.

              You copy something to the clipboard.

              Use Ctrl n to create a new document the size of the clipboard, and that new document opens behind the already opened documents?


              OK, I have tried something new with these Preference settings:  (not forgetting to restart Photoshop just in case)

              With three documents open all floated in windows, I Alt Tab to Firefox, and copy an image to the clipboard.

              I come back to Photoshop and use Ctrl N.  A new window with the same size as the object in the clipboard opens 'Behind the window that currently has focus'

              I use Ctrl v to paste the object from the clipboard, and it ignores the new document, and pastes into the window that had focus before the last new document was created.




              I then changed Preferences again, and after this the new window appeared at the front, and maintained focus, and CVtrl v pasted the clipboard into that new window, still at the front and with focus.

              But why don't you Place the object directly into whichever document you want it to go?

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                Estebannned Level 1

                Hey Trevor,


                Thanks much for your feedback.  So, to answer your question I have Windows 7 Professional.  In terms of my workflow, what you have mentioned is correct.  I did uncheck the boxes you recommended and it worked, but for whatever reason it resets when I try it again.  And to answer your question in regards to pasting it directly into the document.  I sometimes take a portion of my painting and paste into a new document to work on it.  It's a way to isolate everything else around what I want to focus on.  Other times I take screenshots of a movie using printscreen and paste onto the document.  I appreciate your help and if you have any other ideas or suggestions I would appreciate it.