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    Rotate tool unusable when opening files on my Cintiq 13 HD

    norbyscook(andy) Level 1

      Hello Adobe Community!

      My rotate tool is unusable when  i open or create files on my Cintiq 13 HD screen

      My scrubby Zoom is also unusable


      However when I open or create files on my main computer screen the rotate tool works




      Once the file is created or opened on the main screen, rotation works on both screens,

      however any files created or opened on my Cintiq 13 HD will not support the rotation feature...

      Here is an example:

      two Screen comparison - YouTube

      the Cintiq is not a Cintiq companion



      and I also have my card enabled

      My Graphics processor is enabled - YouTube











      I have:

      Updated the graphics card driver

      reinstalled PS

      reinstalled my Wacom tablet Driver


      yet the problem persists





      I am running on 64 bit windows 10


      Please Help!


      - Thank-you for your time!