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    Photoshop Resize UI 150%

    norbyscook(andy) Level 1

      Hello Adobe,

      I am currently using Photoshop CC, and it is a lot of fun to use

      However, When I started to use my cintiq 13 HD on my large desk top, the UI scaling did not fit


      as you know cintiq 13 HD is already kinda small


      100% for UI scaling is way too small

      however 200% was too large


      Please have a 150% UI scaling!

      or even custom percentage in the preference> interface section



      as you can see the UI is so big that the tool bar goes off screen






      Others have said similar things

      We have CC 2017... but still not custom UI scaling


      I really like Photoshop, but the UI should have more flexibility

      - Andy

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          Dabatross Level 1

          Is this ever going to get implemented? Any resolution in between 1080p and 4k is going to have problems with UI scaling with photoshop and other adobe programs. We need an in between option of 150%, preferably both 150% and 125% but there needs to be that in between option because right now the interface is too small or too big on displays running 2560 x 1440 particularly. I have a 27 inch monitor and there is no good method to scale the interface and make it usable. When is this going to get resolved? People have been posting about this for years now and we aren't getting feedback on what Adobe is doing about it. Why is it so freaking difficult to get Adobe to update the user interface so all people can use the program well? We are paying customers of Adobe CC and this is basic usability 101. Stop focusing on creating new gimmicky features and improve the interface first please.