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    No OneDrive support


      it is not able to select onedrive as saving folder or to open a document from onedrive. Every time I choose Onedrive and swipe into my folders to my pdfs, the won't open the PDF. I can tap on the PDF but the action after doing this is, going back to the local save folder from the adobe app, without opening my file. I got a Adobe Abonnement. Please fix it fast, it's important for my job. I got this app and adobe fill & and sign for professional use

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          Mike Laursen Adobe Employee

          I replied to chrisrie directly.


          We are working with Microsoft on a solution to this issue.

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            Hi Mike, I think this is a very serious problem and I wish your team can fix it asap. You know how market share OneDrive is, this app is usele in case exclude OneDrive. Otto

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              chrisrie Level 1

              Thanks a lot Mike,


              i hope that you get the problem solved as soon as possible. The app is not really smart without an onedrive solution. Could you evaluate when your team can fix the onedrive support? My team and a lot of other business costumers depend on a integration.

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                Mike Laursen Adobe Employee

                We have been working closely with the OneDrive team at Microsoft. They gave us a preview of their app with a fix in it, and my development team here at Acrobat confirmed that their fix works for us. Microsoft should be including their fix in an upcoming release of the OneDrive app.

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                  ptrzem Level 1



                  Yesterday a new update of OneDrive for iOS has been released in AppStore. However the issue with opening PDFs still persists (at least on iPhone 6S Plus with iOS 10.2.1)...

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                    Mike Laursen Adobe Employee

                    Hi, ptrzem :


                    I'm sorry the fix is not in the most recent release of OneDrive. I didn't want to say too much about Microsoft's plans, since I don't want to speak for another company, but I think it's safe for me to say now that they did tell us that the fix wouldn't necessarily be in the very next release of their OneDrive app.

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                      ptrzem Level 1



                      Today Microsoft released a new update to OneDrive (Ver 8.9). Opening PDF docs finally WORKS!


                      Thank you!

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                        Mike Laursen Adobe Employee

                        That's wonderful!!!


                        Funny, I checked on the OneDrive app in the App Store earlier today to see if there was a new version, but I must have looked before Microsoft published it.

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                          chrisrie Level 1

                          Great work guys! We are very happy to use onedrive with the adobe apps!

                          It would be great, if there is the possibility to switch the standard cloud from Dropbox to onedrive. The PDFs finally works, that's great! But a easier implementation would be great, so you tab in the header from Acrobat Reader "local" and after that, there is the possibility to mark or tap onedrive just like Dropbox.

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                            Mike Laursen Adobe Employee

                            Hi, chrisrie


                            I can give a little more context on why Dropbox is featured prominently, while OneDrive is only available under "More Locations...".


                            "More Locations..." is built on a standard inter-app document exchange architecture provided by iOS. Apple calls the underlying architecture the "Document Picker". Any iOS app can implement code that will let it open document from the OneDrive app (and several other apps such as Box and Google Drive) using this "Document Picker" architecture -- without having to have any business or technical partnership with Microsoft.


                            Our Dropbox integration, on the other hand, was developed as a cross-promotional business agreement with Dropbox, with Dropbox' technical cooperation.


                            Unfortunately, I cannot comment publicly on any plans Adobe has for doing more partnerships, with Microsoft or other cloud providers like Box and Google. We do hear you, though, about wanting tighter integration with OneDrive, as well as hearing users who have asked us to provide tighter file system integrations with Box and Google Drive.

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                              Super happy, this is magic!!!

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                                Hi I am new to the forum..

                                i wonder if someone can help me with an issue.

                                I have files in my onedrive and i have fully shared them out with another user.

                                after connecting his adobe dc pro to onedrive he can see and edit the pdfs on his windows laptop.

                                he can see his files on onedrive and the shared files On onedrive through the adobe dc pro app.


                                however, on his iPad, using the adobe dc pro app, he cannot see the shared the files from onedrive on his iPad only his onedrive files.


                                any ideas?