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    Drawing with sprites within a bounding box

      I'm using Sprites to draw fairly large graphs. To enable me to do this interactively, I embed the nodes/edges in the graph within a UIComponent defined in the mxml file. I also would like the UIComponent to be within a panel, and therefore the contents of that compnent should not be visibly outside that panel.

      The problem is that I am unable to define the bounds for this UIComponent, and so the graph occupies most of the screen area beyond the containing panel. (height/width attributes for the UIComponent do not address this).

      What is the appropriate way to have the graph shown in a canvas with limited arae (with scrollbars if the contained graph is bigger than that area) so that it does not overflow the desired display area?

      In the code below, for example, I'd like the UIComponent (to which I add Sprite Children) to have bounds so that it does not display all over the screen.

      Thanks a lot.