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    The importer reported a generic error



      I recently bought Premiere Elements 15. I've been trying to upload media (.mp4 format) that I recorded on my iPhone 6. Some files upload just fine while others prompt this error message. I have no idea what differentiates these files and why some upload normally and others don't. All were taken on my iPhone. Some I transferred to a file on my computer when my phone was plugged in and others I emailed to myself and downloaded. This seems irrelevant because some that I emailed and some that I transferred work and others that I transferred and emailed don't work.

      What is the problem/what do I do?

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          Sandeep Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi Olivia,


          Thanks for posting on  Adobe Forums.

          Could you please give me answers of following questions?

          - What is the format of video which are not playing, e.g. MP4 or mov

          - Are you using MAC / WIN ? Please mention the version also.

          - Please check if you are able to play them on the system also.

          - If possible would you like to share the media information of that clip using Media Info app